Dear all,
We started our business with the idea of ‘safe’ remittance service including Electronic IOU and E-sign based transaction platform.

Ever since the term, ‘Fintech’ was coined, all financial services seemed to focus on ‘easy’, ‘simple’ transaction platform.
But, We believed there got to be something different.

The still financial services , voice phishing , there are many accidents , such as a mistake remittance. The development of internet allows convenient online transaction,
but it comes along with myriad financial crimes such as voice fishing and hacking. How can people’s financial transactions make an easy and secure?

Here comes our ‘safety’&simple’ first idea.
we developed E-document based transaction platform,and Safety Remittance solution which requires E-sign for recipient to check identification for a year. We finally acquired patent as of Nov 2015.

Now, we, based on the core patented technology, has focused on the cooperation of up to credit evaluation model and authentication-based security solutions.

Best Regard, Givtech

We aspire to become No.1 partner
For the world’s electronic contract based online payment service